Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Mixed Bag of Holding

It's ironic to think that a blog I originally created to escape the daily pesterings of Facebook has that same wretched life- eater to thank for it's first update in a year and a half. 

Here I am, however, looking at a daily hit spike that can only be explained by the mere hint of an update  in an earlier status message and I'm forced to admit that it may have it's uses after all. 

For anyone paying attention, I have been sporadically posting new sketches on my Facebook feed for the past couple of weeks (mostly due to the discovery that drawing in Corel Painter 12 is awesome) and I've got pretty addicted to the instant response that I can gain from using it as a forum. That being said it seemed wholly hypocritical to expound my hatred for it as a soul sapping time- thief if I continued to ignore this blog and use it instead.

I hate hypocrites. 

A couple of days ago I put out a request in my status for ideas to draw. One of them was "medieval steampunk". I thought this was a pretty cool idea, and then I realised I already had a ton sketches on the subject, related to 'Untitled Fantasy Project No.2' so out came the old sketchbooks...

I found character sketches, location drafts and technology concepts. Sadly I cant remember much of the world I had crafted in my imagination to house them. There were far too many to post in the format I had been using in Facebook so it struck me to post them up here; to that end-

These guys were to be main characters, it would seem. Justin Bieber with a sword, a young Madmardigan and a dashing pilot- type fellow. Can't remember anything about any of them but I think the pilot guy looks quite dashing.

 This is the main setting for the story; a walled city built up in the style of Mont St. Michel. The higher towers have mooring points for visiting airships.

 A royal airman. If our heroes were to be the heroic rebels, these would be the guys they would be fighting.

Plans and doodles for airships; these were the main concept that the rest of the world grew around. Dirigibles with underslung gondola hulls powered by steam driven prop shafts. I came up with tons of wild ideas for these.

I really like some of these designs. Think I might fancy another stab at them. Look out for some new material, maybe as early as wednesday...