Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Suffer Not The Mutant To Live!

These two pics have been drifting around the top of my sketch book file for the past few months and, fancying a break from all the shiny new DECONSTRUCTED niceness I thought I'd post them. Sadly, although the extremely thin drafting paper (about 40gsm) I drew them on is great for detail work and takes a line really well it also had a tendency to compress and then crease when used. It's not really noticeable to the naked eye but the strong point light source of the scanner I use really accentuates the ridges. Pity, but there you go.

This dude is just your standard rank and file cannon- fodder guardsman, no doubt soon to become a Tyranid toothpick or have his head burst by the fiendish machinations of the chaos gods. Poor bloke. I always liked the guard- I mean Space Marines are all very well and good but they only account for about a tenth of one percent of the Imperium's fighting strength. In terms of sure volume, it's the Guard who win every time. Plus they get tons of cool tanks and shit.

I freakin' love Eldar. That's all there is to say about this dude. Somewhere, lost within the pages of my books or on a dusty hard drive somewhere there's a pretty cool picture of a Harlequin Deathjester. I'll see if I can find it.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009



I was beginning to think I might not manage to ever upload here again- life keeps throwing obstacles my way like some kind of crazed Donkey Kong rolling barrel after barrel of angst at a hapless Mario who is all out of hammers. Sorry about the insanely dated reference there, I suspect its a reaction to the sudden influx of virtual children into my workplace making me feel old in every regard, right down to the similes.

Still, at least i have a silver lining for, unlike the countless hopeless cases of the workforce who share the feeling that the world is gradually overhauling them and will eventually leave them choking on vibrant, youthful dust, I have a chance to change lanes. DECONSTRUCTED.

Work continues abreast after a hiatus of a month or so and Den will I'm sure be delighted to see not one but TWO designs in this post. Yay!

He's been working tirelessly in his centre of operations in our great nations capital and I just cant thank him enough for all his work and enthusiasm, as well as his encouragement. Not only has Den been recruiting some of the other people we need to get our fledgling project off the ground, but he's also but together a production blog where all of the work to date has been collected. He really has been a busy bee and I thank him immensely for it.
Footnote: I cant wait to get up to London and bang heads Bro!
Anyway, without further ado~

Janowitz. Frustratingly, since my latest PC crash I haven't been able to set up outlook or retrieve the character bible from my Blackberry so I cant copy and paste the excerpt here as I have in the past. Janowitz is the Captain of our crew. Den said he wanted a Kris Kristofferson kind of look for a capable, well- worn sort of character. This is my take, hope its OK.

Riley. Riley is in her late thirties, loud mouthed and abrasive. Den and I discussed designing a female character who doesn't conform to the usual comic book stereotypes so as a result Riley is a little more working mum than super heroine. Her trademark accessory is one of those quit- smoking- plastic thingies and I figure she used to smoke ALOT so since quitting she's piled on a few pounds and become even more grouchy. Nice. Actually a lot of fun to draw.

Anyway, that's all for now... Promise more soon, maybe even some non- DECONSTRUCTED stuff. I really want to produce a pic of the Knights of Good- in character from Felicia Day's THE GUILD. Finding time of course, that's another matter.