Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ships of the Line

My planned DECONSTRUCTED update has been delayed until Thursday, so to fill the time I'm uploading the spaceship doodles I Tweeted the other day, so apologies if you've seen any of this before.
I've scanned and cropped each individual design to the same width so that Blogspot's habit of scaling by image width will not interfere size of the images. I've also included a size comparison image to give scale.







Although these designs fit with the general design philosophy of the DECONSTRUCTED universe as far as I have realised it so far, I must stress that these ships have no exact background or purpose. I'll leave that up to DECONSTRUCTED god-creator Den Patrick.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

No Power in the 'Verse Can Stop Me

It's much later than I had planned and I really should be making my way to bed- pretty pathetic for a Saturday night but that's retail for you and I learned to live without a weekend social life long ago.
As promised in my midweek post here is the colourised version of my Firefly characters.
I've just put them against a neutral background until I can throw together a background that compliments the composition and palette that I've used.

I'd planned to write in some detail about techniques I'd used and colours I'd selected (Most noticeably Rivers pallid complexion) but I think I'll save that for when I've got the backdrop rendered and the piece is actually complete.
Also, work in the morning and bed is looking more and more inviting.
Two straight days off next week which I plan to put to use on MOAR PAGES for DECONSTRUCTED, so expect an update on that next week (should keep Mr. Patrick in happymode for a few days if nothing else.).

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

You Can't Take The Sky From Me

In an attempt to avoid my weekly blog updates becoming mechanical and perfunctory I've decided to do a midweek post- you know; mix things up a little bit.

This is made all the more exciting because, as I write this my lovely Mac keeps repeatedly warning me that my Bluetooth keyboard batteries are spluttering their last dying breaths and could conk out at any moment, in fact because I type eyes- down I could at anytime look up and find an entire passage missing and my screen covered in a big pretty "HA! I TOLD YOU SO, MOTHERFUCKER!" sign. Fun, no?

For some time I've been working on some Firefly fanart (not that kind you dirty, dirty bastards) and thought I'd share it with you lot. If you don't know what Firefly or it's big screen incarnation, Serenity are I kindly suggest you stop wasting you time here and go and watch it now. Now NOW NOW.

Ok, back now? Lets continue.
The intent is to produce a nice big group shot of the whole Serenity crew in cartoony caricature style. I figured the best way to manage this would be to produce each character separately and then combine them in Photoshop later, this allowed me to fully realise each design without elements being concealed by obstructive foreground characters. Doing this also allows me to post a separate pic for each character and add some brief notes about each one, which can be found below.


Mal was a difficult prospect; a character who is at once totally devoted to his crew and yet at the same time often stands apart from them. For obvious reasons I planned to place Mal at the center of the composition and paired him with Inara but to highlight the unrequited affection between the pair I placed them back- to- back, with both of them sneaking over the shoulder looks at each other.


Inara's pose is set to mirror Mal's but be simultaneously alluring and closed- her foot is raised denoting an intention to turn to face him but at the same time her arms are folded forming a classic barrier to his advances.


I designed Jayne to look BIG. Although in reality Adam Baldwin and Nathan Fillion are of similar height Jayne was always framed to look as big and mean as possible, helped by Adam Baldwin's superbly brutish performance he was always larger than life on screen and I wanted to bring this to his character when I drew him. Although you can't tell from this image because of blogspot's irritating habit of arbitrarily resizing images, the Jayne character is drawn to be at least a foot taller than any of the others. I rendered him in a plain t-shirt which I later added the Blue Sun logo to, and his simply awesome orange woolly hat (which he received in 'The Message' from his loving mum) which has become somewhat iconic for the character amongst fans. He also sports a grenade. Grenades are useful in many situations, and Jayne doesn't like leaving home without them.

Zoe & Wash

This was one of the easiest comps to come up with. Zoe & Wash are so obviously in love it went without saying that they should be drawn in an embrace. I wanted to put something in that would show Wash's playful almost childlike exuberance and tie in his position as pilot so harking back to his introductory scene in the pilot episode where he is seen playing with toy dinosaurs I placed a toy Serenity in his hand- this also allowed me to place the ship in the character line-up, honoring it's position as the show's "10th character". Zoe looks on, a tolerant smile on her face.

River Tam

River is meant to be significantly younger than any of the other crew. A child prodigy, she is rescued by Simon in the pilot episode (the actual events of the rescue are shown in flashback in the movie). In order to accentuate her vulnerability I drew her a couple of years younger than actress Summer Glau actually was when Firefly was shot, not being restricted by the abilities of a younger actress to convey the nuance of the characters condition. I drew River in 'wander mode' a condition that can be observed numerous times throughout the series when she is introduced to a new environment- this is in contrast to 'manic mode' and 'homicidal death orgy' mode.

Simon & Kaylee

Aw now come on- who wasn't pulling for these two during the original run of the show? Although Joss Whedon saw fit to bless the faithful fans with a bit of closure for these characters in the final scenes of Serenity I have chosen to draw them at an earlier stage of their relationship (similarly Shepherd Book's lack of bullet holes and Wash's missing impalement spike). Kaylee is playing her typically forward sexuality against Simon's clumsy inexperience. Looks like he's made the right move with those strawberries though.

Shepherd Book

Book was even harder than Mal to pose. Given that we learned so little about the character during the show's short run and his relegation to a supporting role in Serenity I went for a pose that reflected his position amongst the ensemble as the crew's upstanding moral compass. He holds his Bible before him, symbolic of his faith but also that perhaps he hides most of what he is behind it. People see the book, and not Book the man.

That's all for now- this post has unexpectedly turned into a monster and I really should be going to bed. Tune in for Saturday's update to see what happened when I coloured all these guys.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

So Very, Very Bored.

You know how, on the odd occasion it seems as though the world is trying to tell you something? That is precisely the feeling I got the other day when I saw the above image.

I mean, if the fucking Batman can't motivate you nothing will right? I'm thinking of getting the pic blown up and mounted so it can stare down from above my drawing board.

Been a fun week. So very busy at work now that everyone and his cat have realised that they've spent their entire January living budget in the first weekend of the year and have to somehow scrape a meagre living on the pocket change they have left after the new year's debauchery.

By and large this does not seem to have left anyone the means or inclination to buy phones. At least not from my shop.

This funny fella is a Robodragon. I wish I had more to tell you but the fact is this guy is just a doodle that sprang to mind during a quiet period at work. He has no background and i have no intention of using him in anything. Just a good way of wasting a bunch of biro ink and a sheet of copy paper.

The only thing exceptional about this sketch is that I did it in one shot, no uncorrectable errors or disguised mistakes- the design, pose and rendering all came right first time, which i must say is highly unusual for me.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Not much time to write this- I made a new years resolution to update this blog weekly from now on, starting today. Various obstacles presented themselves, including the mother of all headaches (not alcohol related I assure you) and a temperamental scanner, but it looks like I've managed to do it- so happy!

Below you will find page 3 of DECONSTRUCTED, a page which I have feared for a long time owing to it's scripted format- 6 identical panels with nothing but dialogue and the gradual disrobing of Sophie to differentiate them.

In rendering the final version I made some changes, including a couple of close ups for emphasis, particularly panel 5, which is the first time the reader actually sees the heroine. It seemed important to give her some 'face time'

Have to stop writing now or I may not get this posted before midnight!

Happy new year!