Saturday, 1 January 2011


Not much time to write this- I made a new years resolution to update this blog weekly from now on, starting today. Various obstacles presented themselves, including the mother of all headaches (not alcohol related I assure you) and a temperamental scanner, but it looks like I've managed to do it- so happy!

Below you will find page 3 of DECONSTRUCTED, a page which I have feared for a long time owing to it's scripted format- 6 identical panels with nothing but dialogue and the gradual disrobing of Sophie to differentiate them.

In rendering the final version I made some changes, including a couple of close ups for emphasis, particularly panel 5, which is the first time the reader actually sees the heroine. It seemed important to give her some 'face time'

Have to stop writing now or I may not get this posted before midnight!

Happy new year!