Monday, 20 August 2012

Electric Boogaloo

So, as I mentioned in the last post, working in digital gives me the chance to change and edit images and experiment with different angles. In this case I was able to alter this characters hairstyle after the fact, a process at one time only possible by using a xerox machine and masker.


I was unhappy with the way the hair turned out on the original sketch so I used painter to go back and try a couple of alternatives, settling on the longer hair version (although looking again now I'm kinda swerving back toward the pigtails...).

Next stage was to put some inks over the line work and tidy it up somewhat:

Lining the sketch also allowed me to pick out details I wanted to work on when it came to painting it up.

God damn that background looks cheesy. Should really do something with it. The palette I chose for the colour job was mostly earth tones with a smattering of reds and greens. I'm particularly happy with the way the details on the corset and the silver scroll work on the gloves and boots turned out, as well as the lacing on the dagger sheath. The shadow I dropped behind the left arm helped add some depth to an otherwise rather flat pose.

I am horrified at how flat the gun looks. I had wanted it to be held in profile to show off the design but in retrospect I should have pointed it out of the frame somewhat.

We live, we learn.

Next post with showcase some of the sketch work I've been doing of late.

Ta-ta for now. 

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