Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Ships of the Line

My planned DECONSTRUCTED update has been delayed until Thursday, so to fill the time I'm uploading the spaceship doodles I Tweeted the other day, so apologies if you've seen any of this before.
I've scanned and cropped each individual design to the same width so that Blogspot's habit of scaling by image width will not interfere size of the images. I've also included a size comparison image to give scale.







Although these designs fit with the general design philosophy of the DECONSTRUCTED universe as far as I have realised it so far, I must stress that these ships have no exact background or purpose. I'll leave that up to DECONSTRUCTED god-creator Den Patrick.


Den Patrick said...

Heh. I was going to write a Noir-esque crime thinger for the second arc. Looks liek I'm about to start writing a Russian flavoured BSG...

Nice work. The Gunboat and the Transport are my faves.

Den Patrick said...

This is an automated message. You have not updated your blog in over a year. Stop wasting your talent.