Saturday, 8 January 2011

So Very, Very Bored.

You know how, on the odd occasion it seems as though the world is trying to tell you something? That is precisely the feeling I got the other day when I saw the above image.

I mean, if the fucking Batman can't motivate you nothing will right? I'm thinking of getting the pic blown up and mounted so it can stare down from above my drawing board.

Been a fun week. So very busy at work now that everyone and his cat have realised that they've spent their entire January living budget in the first weekend of the year and have to somehow scrape a meagre living on the pocket change they have left after the new year's debauchery.

By and large this does not seem to have left anyone the means or inclination to buy phones. At least not from my shop.

This funny fella is a Robodragon. I wish I had more to tell you but the fact is this guy is just a doodle that sprang to mind during a quiet period at work. He has no background and i have no intention of using him in anything. Just a good way of wasting a bunch of biro ink and a sheet of copy paper.

The only thing exceptional about this sketch is that I did it in one shot, no uncorrectable errors or disguised mistakes- the design, pose and rendering all came right first time, which i must say is highly unusual for me.

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Den Patrick said...

Dude, it's a freaking flying, robot T-rex!!


Good skills.