Monday, 27 July 2009

Of all the things I've lost...

Sorry, no picture this evening, I've just spent two hours looking through old sketchbooks and I've found absolutely tons of stuff I'm really looking forward to sharing- things that have never been seen by anyone, things in some cases I don't even remember ever having drawn.
Badly need to dig that old Epson scanner out and get down to some major image capturing!
anyway, I spent so long going through all that stuff that it's time for bed.
Interestingly, I found written in an old sketchbook a conversation between me and an unknown co-conspirator (these days such a conversation would take place by sms and no hardcopy would remain) during a lecture. It includes in it a plaintive and apparently totally serious complaint that "I've been awake since 8.00!" Oh, the idiocy of youth...
Got to go now- I need to be up at 6.00 to be at work for 8.30 and for some reason I no longer seem able to get by on three and a half hours sleep anymore.

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