Friday, 31 July 2009


Long time, no post... It's been a bloody hectic week here so far, and with two days to go it seems doubtful things will slow down for me anytime soon. For anyone who doesn't know I clocked up my ninth straight day at work today, with two more to work before I (thank god) have a week off.

So I've been trying to get some work done here all week and failing miserably- that and I managed somehow to watch the entire series of Macross Frontier which was also a bit of a distraction but now, here I am finally writing something.

Staying on the subject of Deadend I thought I'd go over some of the characters. I wanted to start with my original sketches from back in oh, I don't know 1994 or something but sadly I can't find the folder they're all in. It must be back at my mum's house which, unlike so many of my nerdy brethren I don't live at. That's a real folder mind you- not one on a computer or anything, back when I drew on real paper and stuff. On that subject; is it me or is paper a lot more expensive now then it used to be? I mean, I have books and books and books of the stuff, not to mention literally piles of A3 pads, many of them half empty or wasted with scribbles or just plain crap drawings and I can only conclude that paper must have been cheaper when I was young 'cos I wouldn't dream of being so wasteful these days. Maybe I just have a better appreciation of the value of things now.
That being said my Intuos3 tablet cost £400+ so I suppose moaning about the cost of tree pulp is a little redundant. I should be winging about the cost of consumer electronics.
Today I thought I'd post about Sam, our principle character and certainly the one who's received the most development over the years (again I'd love to show you some of those hilariously bad original sketches) so I'll begin instead with some character renders I did about eight or nine years ago. It's kinda like starting the story at the middle of the book but that's what I have to work with so bleh!

These pages originally had a lot of accompanying text that gave a lot of background information on Sam, but as I never ran any of it past Si I've omitted it here lest any of it contradict stuff he's written. In one of the sketches you can see a little doodle of Sam's shoulder joint. That's because one of the most consistent things I ever intended for Sam was for her to have an artificial arm, powered by a small internal energy cell- which would become important in regards to her 'superpowers' which were intended to include certain energy amplification abilities (I always wanted to draw a scene where Sam overloads her energy cell resulting in an enemykilling blast that would also take her arm with it).

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Oddzilla said...

Heh, I just remembered the early Sam sketches and her one consistant feature that appeared in all sketches... Her Antenae!
To explain... all the early sketches and renderings of Sam (prizes for remembering her name before she was Sam, I swear she was something else first lol), she had thes two bangs of hair that kida pokes out of her forehead like antenae. She had those for years and I kinda liked them until one day Chris showed me some sketches and they had gone :( I miss Sam's antenae. I am also not sure thats how you spell antenae. Meh.