Sunday, 26 July 2009

...Said the joker to the thief

Just had to put this up for Si, and anyone else who loves Bear's work...

You now officially wish you lived in California.

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Oddzilla said...

I finallty finished watching Galactica for the second time this week, after watching an episode everyday at lunch at work. Annoyingly I got to the last 2 parter when we broke up so had to bring it home and watch it on Thursday. What's really annoying is that not only has watching that made me wish that I lived in California (and had tickets for that gig lol) but I also need to start watching Galactica again.
In all honnesty Galactica is a truely awesome TV show made all the more so by Bear's fantastic sondtrack throughout, just ask Chris what happens when he hears Roslin and Adama lol