Thursday, 13 August 2009

I rolled a natural 1 for my search test...

Ooops! With all that waffle about TFTD I completely forgot to mention that I now have five (five!) followers! Hello all of you out there, including the one that I've never met or heard of (that one was a surprise) and a special hello to old friend Den Patrick!

Den has been blogging forever and his is pretty much one of the first I ever started reading and the main reason I chose blogspot as a host. He also used to run a mean Star Wars roleplaying game.

Ah, those were the days. Making a fifty mile round trip weekly to sit in Den's lounge, roll dice and make notes on character sheets. Simpler times. Happier times.

Below are a couple of pics of 'Phil' (can't remember her full name) my character from those old sessions (if you're wonder why I roleplayed a female I'd say it's useful to have at least one character in your party who has the option to 'seduce' as an alternative to attack!) the large hole in her shirt is as a result of a critically failed dodge roll as I remember :-)

Nice to have you Den!