Thursday, 13 August 2009

THIS is what makes a good blog.

I'm sure this won't be of any great interest to most of you, but I know at least one of you out there who will be so I'm posting it anyway.

If you look to the right of my page here you'll notice a section devoted to 'blogs I follow'. At the top of that list is a man called Bear McCreary. Now you might not know who Bear is so let me just enlighten you.

Bear is the composer of all of the music that you'll hear if you ever watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica. "So what?" You might ask but let me tell you it's actually quite unusual to have just one staff composer write for an entire series like that. It means that the music in Battlestar is suffused with a consistacy rarely heard and develops throughout the run of the series as much and as dynamically as any of the characters on screen. As far as I'm concerned that makes Bear as much a member of the cast as Edward James Olmos or Jamie Bamber.

Last week Bear and his orchestra were performing at San Diego Comicon (The fact that they can sellout performances of a TV soundtrack three nights running should tell you what kind of a following this guy has) and from the sound of things it was a truely magical experience.

If you have fifteen minutes to spare and you have any interest in the behind the scenes stuff that goes on on a big show like Galactica, head on over to his blog, and if you're interested in anyof the Comicon stuff check out this post:

One thing's for sure, now more than ever I'm making it a goal to make it to Comicon one year.


InfinityReversed said...

I'm so up for a trip to Comicon...

Chris Christison said...

Yeah dude, screw it lets just find out how much it'll cost to fly to San Diego for a week hit the 'con and buzz back home again! I'm up for it and I'm sure given a year to save it won't be that difficult to find the money! All aboard!

Faff said...

Dude you can so count James and I in! Would love to go to comicon. J and I recently got the BSG soundtrack, and I agree totally - it's wonderful; but even more so now I know that it was all one guy doing it. I miss BSG.. sniff..