Friday, 14 August 2009

Take me where I cannot stand.

Just found that I have three stages of completion for this image saved so I thought I'd post 'em and show you how I work, or at least used to- if you asked me to do this now the inking would be done in Photoshop or Painter. Sorry for the different scaling on these images; blogger does it automatically. If you click on the images you should get the original scale versions- be warned though; they're massive!

If you're interested by the way, this is what you get if you ask me to 'Draw you as a pink fairy'- at least if you're an attractive young blonde. Please dont ask me to do it if you're a thirty year old rocker.


Shuliett said...

nice blog.
and really nice drawings.

InfinityReversed said...

Is that based on Evil? Seems like the sort of thing she would ask!