Friday, 7 August 2009

I wish I never saw the sunshine.

A few years ago, while working for a large and well known stationary company I came up an idea for a comic strip. Called 'Retail' it would chronicle the wacky day to day adventures of a group of near- do- well store workers in a large department store (one of the old Debenhams style stores you know the kind, at least three floors arranged in a vertical labyrinth of perfumes, household appliances, toys and lady's pants) and was at least 60% based on real people I've known in my ten plus years in the retail industry, mixed in with a health dose of stereotypes to fill out the numbers.

It wouldn't only have been treading in Kevin Smith's footsteps either; I was taking a more fantastical approach than he did in 'Clerks' or 'Mallrats' (plus I can't write witty dialogue for toffee unlike him) one of my characters was a troll, another a witch and yet another a Satan-worshipping cheerleader. The main character, Dave was an art school student working for beer money and was not even slightly based upon my housemate Jon. The two layabout bum staffers; Seth and Rufus are totally not myself and Joel Bunn and the troll is definitely, definitely not Darren Wilcox. Hell no. It is important to note that, although Belle is based on the likeness of Sarah Anciaume, Sarah herself is neither a cheerleader nor a Satan worshipper, at least to my knowledge. Darren is not really a troll either. I think.

I had so many ideas for this series but sadly never found the time to get it done (I blame xbox live) and since series like Reaper and the awesome (geddit?) Chuck have started to air a lot of my plans don't seem so fresh. Shame. Never mind- for your viewing pleasure here are the character sketches.

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