Friday, 21 August 2009

My best friend is a 4.5- 5.6/ 75- 300 lens.

Or at least this weekend it is because the Bournemouth Air Festival is back in town. This photo was taken by me at last year's event and I'm hoping for better this year. The weather's been utterly awful until now and it seems to be clearing up a bit so fingers crossed. I've just worked seven days straight in order to have Friday and Sunday off so if it does turn rainy I might just open up my wrists and bleed out on the sand.


InfinityReversed said...

I suppose that might give the medics involved in the Marine beach landing something to do. But I'd rather you didn't do that, if it's all right with you, old bean.

Hope you enjoy the show. Is the pier still standing after the fireworks last night?

Oddzilla said...

I thought I was your best friend you hairy technofetishist traitor!!!!

Seriously though that is a cool photo, I have to take photos as part of my job and have no clue what I am doing, however give me a video camera and I am happy as larry lol

Hey wait, if you're off today... I wonder if you will answer your phone...