Saturday, 15 August 2009

Take my love.

Until now I haven't mentioned anything about another project I have had going on the backburner besides Deadend, Tales from the Darkside and Retail. This project, which I never gave a name but for convenience sake now I shall refer to as 'Untitled fantasy Project No. 2' was, or is, a fantasy project (duh!) set in an alternate world that a protagonist would be placed into from our world (thereby giving the reader someone to relate to, a common cliche I'm sure).

This realm would be filled with a rich cast of characters and beasties and a kind of steampunk technology. An important element would be flight, as in this world flight is the main mode of transport over most distances whether it be by dirigible, ornithopter (a kind of aircraft that mimics avian flight, that is flies by flapping its wings) or skyboat. Important would be the acquisition and possession of 'Lodestone'. Lodestone is a mystic mineral that has negative weight, in other words it has mass, but reacts to gravity in the opposite manner to normal matter, that is, it floats or in sufficient densities, rises.

In a world where air travel is so important the mining and refining of this material means that an industrial revolution of sorts is under way as new and improved Lodestone alloys lead to eventual military application and conquest by the antagonist kingdom.

Above is a picture of Rosemerta; a pirate princess who rises to command of a pirate skyship after the death of her father and elder brother in a botched Lodestone raid.

Much more on this later as writing about it now has stirred memories of ideas long forgotten. For now though I grow weary and must sleep.

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