Saturday, 15 August 2009

Take my land.

Heh, This has always been one of my favourites. It's just something about the way I captured Anakin's demented look of evil concentration upon the bugs that works for me. This one (like all the TFTD strips) was produced between the releases of Episode II and Episode III and was my attempt to hypothesise how Palpatine would go about corrupting poor Ani (ugh, even writing it makes me feel dirty) behind Obi wan's back. Let's just say Episode III came as a disappointment and leave it at that. I had planned to do a whole series of strips where Anakin would be blatantly evil all over the place while Obi wan puttered on, blissfully unaware of goings on. Of course, I never got round to it.

Might have to change the name of the blog to that- "I never got round to it" has a good ring to it (^_^)